Taking the complexity out of cancer.

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Passing the power back to you.

Assist is a mobile app functionality designed to provide medication and appointment scheduling information a cancer patient needs to progress through their treatment plan.

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Schedule appointments and medication reminders

Managing treatment is a significant part of feeling in control.

Set tasks and reminders

Each event or medication has the option to be set as a daily reminder and/or linked to protocol. If chemo is pushed for 48 hours, every linked item automatically updates.

Easy to set up and easy to use

Cancer is complicated enough. Assist is simple to use and easy to navigate.

Take control with Assist

When diagnosed, it’s a matter of getting through the everyday. Seamlessly integrate all treatment details from protocol to daily tasks and medication.

Record voice tasks

Chemo fog happens. Quickly enter tasks or reminders with voice recording.

Record results with your camera

Manage progress and record results with the click of a button.

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Because cancer is complicated enough

Assist is designed to have everything you need to remember, organized in one place, right at your finger tips.


Schedule anything from chemo appointments to everyday tasks.


Every detail for every medication.



Quickly set text or voice reminders.

Push Protocol

If chemo treatments are pushed a day or week, everything linked to protocol automatically updates.